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★ Brand Definition---Why are we called "VolkSonic"? 


It is a combination of "volk's" + "ultrasonic cleaner". 

The word "volk" is taken from German language, meaning "people".  

There are mainly two reasons that we picked this name as our brand:

First of all, we admire the craftsmanship spirit of German people and have been trying the same way to make everything like fine arts, no matter it is big or small. 

Second is that we aim at introducing our high quality ultrasonic cleaners to people in the world and at a reasonable price everyone can afford. 

★ Who are we?

We are a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaner. 

The general manager Mr. Yang, who is also the chief engineer of VolkSonic, used to work 12 years in the biggest manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaner in China before the company was established. 

It was a small team with only 3 people in a 50m² workshop at the beginning and now has grown into a complete production system with 35 employees and 2000m² floor space.  

We are not a very big factory at the moment, but we are very flexible, easy to communicate and efficient to solve all kinds of problems. 

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